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In the Name of Jesus

Posted By on Apr 22, 2018

April 22, 2018 – Pastor John McNeill Acts 4:5-12 (CEB)   “In the name of…” What does it mean? Expression in the name of the law. Found through Google: “Stop in the name of the law” came into being in England when the first police force was formed by Sir Robert Peel, Home Secretary, in 1829. Initially it consisted of 1000 “Peelers” or “Bobbies” who maintained law and order in London. Their...

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Understand the Scriptures

Posted By on Apr 15, 2018

April 15, 2018 – Pastor John McNeill Luke 24:36-48 (CEB)     My take on understanding the scriptures. Resurrection Appearance stories of Luke and John. There are some similarities. Last week we looked at the Gospel of John’s take on a resurrection appearance.   Outline: Differences in the story, but points of convergence: Understand the Scriptures: resurrection is the event by which the risen Christ is revealed...

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Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

Posted By on Apr 8, 2018

April 8, 2018 – Pastor John McNeill John 20:19-31   If any particular events commemorated on the Christian calendar could claim centrality it would be the Crucifixion and resurrection. But what do they mean? There’s a story I found quite interesting by an ancient pagan named Philostratus about a murder in Ephesus in the 100’s AD. Appolonius of Tyana was a celebrated pagan prophet and miracle worker.  This was written...

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Easter Mystery

Posted By on Apr 1, 2018

  April 1, 2018 – Pastor John McNeill Mark 16:1-8 *Image Source: Holy Women at the Empty Tomb Folio from an Armenian Gospel book Illuminated by priest Xac ‘atur, in 1455 CE, at the Monastery of Gamaliel, in Xizan, near lake Van Walters Art Museum Manuscript W. 543, fol 10v     Who can blame them for not yet being able to embrace the mystery?  This turn of events was unexpected. Mary, Mary, and Salome came...

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Posted By on Mar 25, 2018

Palm Sunday March 25, 2018 – Pastor John McNeill Philippians 2:5-11   It turns out that there was more than one parade going into Jerusalem on that first Palm Sunday. We all know about the one parade. A procession as Jesus enters Jerusalem just prior to the beginning og the Jewish festival of Passover. Jesus enters into Jerusalem on a donkey, colt. Palm branches and children singing. We’ve sung hymns about it ourselves. We...

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No Turning Back

Posted By on Mar 18, 2018

March 18, 2018 – Rev. Debbie Allen John 12:20-33   Recently, I was going through a stash of greeting cards that I’ve collected over the years with the idea that some day, I would find the right person and occasion for each card.  The picture and message on one of these cards caught my attention.  There’s a photograph of a man climbing a vertical rock façade – no ropes, pulleys, just him clinging to narrow ledges of rock...

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